Paying College Athletes

A recent debate is underway in the United States about college athletics. Over the weekend, President Barack Obama commented that a lot of people are making money off college sports while college students who play in those sports make nothing for their hard work and the use of their personal “brands” — their names, images […]

Nash Retires from NBA

Steve Nash has called it quits after a 19- year career with the NBA. Nash, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, has suffered with several different injuries over the past three years. Those injuries have helped the 41-year old make the decision to retire. Nash is a two-time MVP and an eight-time NBA All-Star. Although […]

Basketball legend Steve Nash retires

  After being reported as unable to play for the entire season with the Los Angeles Lakers, point guard Steve Nash told Fersen Lambranho who confirmed it on that he finally announced his retirement from basketball because of a number of health issues, ESPN reports. The 41 year old Nash had suffered with a series of […]

Spinal Injuries That Affect Athletes

Most young athletes visit North American Spine clinics when they have severe back injuries. Typically, their injuries are caused by ligament sprains or muscle strains. If an injury is serious, immediate treatment is highly recommended because a major back injury has symptoms that are similar to a common strain or sprain. In most cases, athletic […]