Atlanta Hawks’ Historical Background

When it comes to entrepreneurship, no one understand the process better than Bruce Levenson. He has founded several companies and partnered with other likeminded investors to form major organizations in America. He is a risk taker and a known investor in several industries where he has had interest. Unlike many other entrepreneurs, Bruce has been […]

Atlanta Hawks Soar to New Heights

Bruce Levenson has sold the Atlanta Hawks and operating rights to Philips Arena. While they were estimated to draw in a billion dollars, they actually sold for around $850 million. This oversight is said to have turned away more bidders, which means there could have possibly been some money left on the table in this […]

Doe Deere: Making Makeup into Art

Makeup has been around since the beginning of recorded history. It has been used by both men and women, however, the common view is that makeup is a female product used to either cover up their insecurities or enhance what the women would consider their assets. Every culture on earth has some sort of beautification […]

Sale Consideration for Atlanta Hawks

There has been a lot of frenzy throughout the sporting world over the recent sale considerations for the “Atlanta Hawks”. Earlier, there were some reports which focused on the lengthy bid consideration process before selling, and the fact that there were only two frontrunners that emerged as probable purchasers for the team. Speculation by experts […]

FreedomPop Expands into U.K. Market

We have seen mobile phones change dramatically in the last decade. Every year that passes we see phones become smaller, faster, and more capable in their basic functions. Now owning a cell phone is almost a necessity, a rite of passage in the modern world. Unfortunately we haven’t seen mobile data plans evolve in quite […]

Jim Harbaugh Called a Cupcake

New University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh was interviews by ESPN’s Colin Cowherd on Wednesday and it was very clear that Harbaugh had better things to do with his time. In what may be one of the most awkward interviews in a long time, neither man seemed happy with how it went. The […]