No Guarantee to Tanking in NBA

For the past two years, the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers have been in what’s called tanking mode. Tanking is a speculative move that franchises make to rebuild their roster to become competitive by trading away star players for draft picks as well a shot at getting the first pick in the NBA draft. While owners never […]

Silver Makes Us Laugh

Adam Silver has done alright as commissioner of the NBA, but it is clear that he wants to make us laugh. He has spoken about changing the schedule in the NBA, he is talking about player safety. We all should get a laugh out of a pro sports commissioner talking about player safety. In the […]

The End Begins

Amare Stoudamire and the Knicks agreed to a buyout so that he could seek employment elsewhere. Amare has just one or two more years of time before he will have to retire, and he needs to go to a contender where he can win a title. However, he needed to get away from the Knicks […]